Quality, consistency and performance, constantly in motion.

By innovating and testing high performance, high quality and safe products, the automotive industry stays a step ahead.

VIRGUS – The JBS semi-finished leather collection for the automotive sector is at the forefront of these criteria by taking control of the entire production chain, from the farm to the end product, with its constant focus on product sustainability, quality and safety for the customer and a commitment to a cleaner process, resulting in fewer hazardous substance emissions.

We also offer high capacity output based on each customer’s requirements, combined with the flexibility of our raw materials sourced from the United States, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Made for those who appreciate innovation, performance and reliability.


Cambré is global collection of crust leathers for the footwear industry.

This JBS collection was inspired by a dance step that requires complete flexibility, just as the footwear industry does.

These are leathers made from Brazilian, Argentinean and American raw materials which couple innovative technologies and advanced processes.

The end result is an invitation to appreciate versatility and excellent taste. Come and join the dance.

Conceria Priante

See, feel and rediscover leather in all its many forms.

From creativity, unique creations emerge. A fresh approach to tradition, coupled with innovative design.
The Conceria Priante leather collection celebrates the new methods of interpreting leather.

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for more information.

Created over 50 years ago, Conceria Priante is a leather unit in Italy that is currently one of the most dynamic experimental centers for leather in the world. This is driven by its constant research into market trends.
Over half a century of experience attests to our deep understanding. We offer sophistication that turns to love at the first touch.