We work with independent and international organizations to uphold transparency and communicate directly with the market.


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Sustainable sourcing

All JBS leathers are from farms that:

– Are not located in deforestation areas, on indigenous lands or in environmental protection areas;
– Do not use slave-analogous labor;
– Are not subject to environmental embargoes.

These criteria comply with the Public Livestock Commitment and rely on a groundbreaking social and environmental monitoring system.

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Animal welfare

JBS has specialist teams focusing on animal welfare practices at all company units, using techniques that are constantly being improved based on best market practices.

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Careful raw material handling

Our tanning facilities are based near livestock processing plants and our specialist fleet guarantees fast raw material processing while helping to protect the environment.

– Monitoring transport to the slaughterhouse.
– Leather protection system at the slaughterhouse.
– Appropriate transportation to the tannery.
– 100% green leather processing.
– Training slaughterhouse staff involved in leather removal.

Restricted substances

JBS Couros is constantly monitoring process and product safety in every aspect of its operations. The company has implemented a restricted substances policy to control all chemical inputs employed at its units and ensure they represent best market practices.

The work done in partnership with some of the world’s largest chemical companies and the company’s involvement in international trade forums, research investment and a full laboratory testing timetable means JBS Couros is able to constantly monitor the products entering and leaving its units and guarantee compliance with major international regulations best environmental practices.

This policy is updated every six months to ensure it is constantly aligned with global market requirements and to guarantee product quality and safety.


JBS Couros has a rigorous traceability system that tracks raw material from its source up to end product delivery.

This system provides greater control over sustainable leather sourcing and provides important product quality information. The JBS Couros traceability system is internationally recognized. All of the company’s units certified by LWG achieved the highest score in this criterion.

Environmental responsibility

Several initiatives support environmental preservation have been implemented, such as cleaner production, responsible use of natural resources and waste management, among many others.

We believe it is possible to constantly improve our processes through daily oversight and by defining and monitoring criteria and indicators. All of this is carried out in line with best international practices.